Thursday, 25 July 2013 18:24

The PB&M&B Sandwich

Admittedly, this sandwich is a bit of a mouthful. What it stands for is the peanut butter and maple and bacon sandwich. Sounds weird, right? Well, it’s just as tasty as it is weird.

The human body’s taste buds crave salty foods, and sweet foods. That’s what makes this sandwich work. The maple syrup is the sweet component, along with the peanut butter and the bacon as the salty components. With all of this, the PB&M&B sandwich is just about perfect.

Is your mouth watering yet? If it is, than you might want to follow this recipe:

•Peanut Butter
•Maple syrup

•Small cup
•Butter knife
•Oven or microwave

1. Cook the bacon on the microwave/oven.
2. Put the bacon aside.
3. Pour some peanut butter into the small cup.
4. Pour in some maple syrup and stir it in with peanut butter. The more that you add, the sweeter your sandwich will turn out.
5. Take a slice of bread and slather it with the peanut butter and maple syrup mix.
6. Take another slice of bread and repeat step 5.
7. Lay the bacon on the bread. More bacon means more crunchiness and more saltiness.
8. Close the sandwich.
9. Take a bite.

Peanut butter and jelly is now not the only delicious peanut butter based sandwich. Watch out, PB&J, you’ve got competition!

If you have any new ideas for tasty peanut butter based snacks, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Sunday, 23 September 2012 11:17


    Tyrannosaurus-Rex is probably the most well known dinosaur in the world. Discovered in 1905 by Barnum Brown, the Tyrant Lizard King has been terrifying and intriguing people around the world ever since. Standing 20 feet tall and weighing 7 tons, Tyrannosaurus-Rex was the largest predator of the Late Cretaceous.

Sunday, 09 September 2012 11:47

Colossal Squid

Colossal Squid

Mesonychoteuthis Hamiltoni

Range: oceans surrounding Antarctica

Diet: Patagonian toothfish

Life span: no one knows; only one colossal squid has been seen alive.

       As the largest cephalopod in the world, the colossal squid reaches about 33 feet in length and weighs about 1,091 pounds.