Friday, 19 July 2013 18:48

A Day in the Past

On Friday, July 12, 2013, I went to the Bronx Zoo. They have a new dinosaur exhibit. I went through it. They have robot dinosaurs that are very realistic. It was impressive. The dilophosaurus baby sprayed water just like they sprayed venom in Jurassic park.

At the end, there was a place where you could dig fossils. They were not real, though. There was also one real fossil. It was the only one that you could not touch. It was a foot fossil.

The sea lions were very nice to watch. One of them had a baby. They were trying to teach the baby how to swim, so the mother pushed it into the water. After a few minutes, the baby came out of the water.

I also saw the monkeys. There were small and big ones. There were ones with white faces. There was also a big gray one that would not move from its spot.

I also went into the Madagascar house and saw the hissing cockroaches. They were big and I thought they were gross. There were also lemurs. There were ring - tail lemurs and a lot more. I saw huge crocodiles. In the tank with them were fish. They had long snouts like spinosaurus so that the fish could not escape from their mouth.

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