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A Museum For Everyone

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In the American Museum of Natural History, there is an exhibit for everything included in its title. There are exhibits for space, rocks and minerals, birds, dinosaurs, mammals, people, and more. There are enough exhibits to please everyone and to make the museum almost a heaven for smart kids. With realistic displays and informative plaques, the museum can be a great educational experience. Even if you are looking for somewhere to just relax your brain, the museum provides entertaining yet realistic models.

Rooms of African peoples, Asian peoples, and others contain actual artifacts and models of how the people solved problems along with descriptions to give everybody a full understanding. There are mannequins dressed like the real people were throughout time and set up in a scene resembling their habitats.

For astronomy lovers though, there are pieces of real meteorites on display. There are also scales where you can measure your weight on other planets. Of course, there is also a planetarium where many shows relating to outer space are given. If one should happen to enjoy being educated about the animals that lived before us, the dinosaur and prehistoric animal exhibit is wonderful to see. There are many fossils that have been put back together into animal skeletons. While seeing all the fossils, one could look at the size of those animals; see how large they were and how small the human race is compared to them.

Supposing one would prefer modern animals to prehistoric ones, there are many display rooms with land animals from many places and a special room for sea animal displays. In the room there are many displays going around the room but the largest display there is the giant blue whale hanging from the ceiling above the seats for a film about whales that runs continuously. If at any point a person should wish to learn more about something in the museum, there are many interactive computers there at all the exhibits.

The American Museum of Natural History is basically a really good museum which educates with artifacts, fun facts, and models so that everyone can learn something new. It has something for everyone and makes the exhibits interesting so as not to bore the public.

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imaria is a student at one of the prestigious New York City city wide gifted and talented schools. She describes herself as very studious and enjoys creating with Scratch. She also enjoys math, reading and history, but does enjoy reading about history.

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